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Microlyne« Asymmetric is a pleasantly proportioned fixture offered in single or continuous row above or below the ceiling plane.

Each Microlyne maintains a nominal luminous opening of 3-1/2" to match Microlyne« Direct-Indirect, and complement Mini 2-1/2" offerings. Staggered lamps for unbroken lines of light are optional.


  • 3.5" x 3.5" minimalist rectilinear shape
  • 1 or 2 T5 or T5HO, 1T8
  • Unique asymmetric downlight louvers
  • Asymmetric louvers appear identical to standard louvers
  • Asymmetric louvers provide light to vertical surfaces or walls by placing light above traditional cut-off point
  • Straight runs, corners and light modules
  • Staggered lamps optional to create continuous, unbroken rows
  • Full family including cable mount, wall mount, surface mount and recessed
  • Companion fixtures include the 2-1/2" wide Mini and 3-1/2" x 5" Direct-Indirect
  • Aesthetic continuity across family, shielding and options


  • cUL
  • UL Listed 1598


Specification Sheets
Instruction Sheets
Product Selection Guide



Extruded aluminum housing includes typical recycled content of 25-30%.
End Caps
Die cast flat end caps for standard lamp configuration. Staggered lamps feature extended end-of-row end caps to ensure continuous light without obtrusively dark row ends. Both end caps feature silicone gasket to eliminate light leak, see Light Seal.
Light Seal
Housing unions between all joints include upper formed light seal and aligner connectors to block light. End of row and single units feature unique optimized V-0 closed cell silicone gasket light seal at joints between extruded housing and die cast end cap.
Secure, simple housing connections ensure row continuity without light. Standard lamp configuration features patent pending Ready Connect system for end cap connections.
Microlyne Asymmetric Cable Mount uses adjustable aircraft cable combined with threaded rod screw connections for T-Bar or hard ceilings. Simple screw connection to housing provides quick, simple attachment. 5" steel canopy covers are provided standard for feed and non-feed locations. 2" canopies optional. Microlyne Asymmetric Surface Mount can mount to T-Bar, drywall, wooden or drywall beams and other structural surfaces. Microlyne Asymmetric Wall Mount uses cleverly designed, discreet wall brackets to create a floating appearance approximately 1/2" from the vertical wall surface. Brackets are made with heavy gauge galvanized steel.
High reflectance formed white reflector.
Shielding is provided for single or continuous row. Options match across entire Microlyne family. Opal Acrylic (OA) lens emphasizes the narrow rectilinear shape by creating a pleasant glow of white along the underside of the housing. White Cross Baffle (WCB) emphasizes linearity with a crisp, clean bladed appearance.Matte anodized (MA) louvers incorporate an attractive but subtle grain pattern which minimizes the visibility of fingerprints and construction dust without sacrifice to aesthetic qualities. Miro 4 (M4R) specular parabolics combine glare control and performance with a high tech, cubed aesthetic. High efficiency specular parabolic (HEP) louvers maximize downlight for enhanced efficiency where maximum light output is the primary concern.
Asymmetric downlight louver lights vertical surfaces or walls by placing light above traditional cut-off point. Asymmetric louver appears identical to standard louver from below product for an exceptionally uniform appearance; no reflector hangs below housing into room space.
Labels and Electrical
Fixtures are pre-wired with electronic ballasts in 120V, 277V or 120V-277V (U). 347V available on some models; contact factory. Tandem and row configurations use quick-connect single or multi-circuit wiring between luminaires. Power feed locations as indicated on Technical Installation Data pages or project specific layouts. Night light, emergency circuits or factory installed battery packs must be specified as option.
Matte White powder coat standard for end caps and housing. Additional colors and finishes optional.
All fixtures bear appropriate UL or C UL US labels.

Cross Sections

  • MA 1T5 Louver
  • MA 1T5 Tall Louver
  • MA Staggered 1T5 Louver
  • MA 1T8 Louver
  • MA 1T8 Tall Louver
  • MA Staggered 1T8 Louver
  • MA 2T5 Louver
  • MA Staggered 2T5 Louver
  • MA 1T5 WM Louver
  • MA 1T5 WM Tall Louver
  • MA 1T8 WM Louver
  • MA 1T8 WM Tall Louver
  • MA Staggered 1T8 WM Louver
  • MA 2T5 WM Louver
  • MA Staggered 1T5 WM Louver



  • 1 Lamp
  • 2 Lamps


  • M4R
  • HEP


  • MW - Matte White
  • MB - Matte Black
  • RAL 1001 - Beige
  • RAL 1004 - Golden Yellow
  • RAL 1016 - Sulfur Yellow
  • RAL 3005 - Wine Red
  • RAL 8001 - Ocher Brown
  • RAL 3013 - Tomato Red
  • RAL 5009 - Azure Blue
  • RAL 5019 - Capri Blue
  • RAL 6013 - Reed Green
  • RAL 7008 - Khaki Grey
  • RAL 7035 - Light Grey
  • RAL 7046 - Telegrey 2
  • RAL 8007 - Fawn Brown
  • RAL 9001 - Cream
  • ZT - Zet Metallic Silver

Light Module

  • MR16 Downlight Module



  • Cable Mount
  • Surface Mount
  • Wall Mount


  • 18"
  • 48"
  • 96"

Fixture Length

  • Available with single or row configuration in 4', 8', and 12' lengths.