LD Louver with Zet Metallic Silver FinishLD Louver with Matte White FinishPlank with Lutron Sensor

Elegant rectilinear with four shielding options.

Combines with Plank Plus Liso for buildings where ceiling heights vary.


  • Heavy 20-gauge construction provides excellent housing rigidity; patented die cast aluminum joiners ensure excellent row integrity
  • Low profile housing is only 2" deep and 9-7/8" wide
  • One, two, or three T8, T5 or T5HO lamps in cross section
  • Available with optional installed open or closed loop daylight sensors (DSPL, DSL) when daylight dimming systems are desired
  • Wide selection of flush or regressed shielding media
  • Optional perforated housing supplies perforated, slotted, or patterned strips on either side of shielding for added visual interest
  • Integral ballast; remote ballasting not required
  • Control compatible for daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, or dimming systems (small case size ballasts required)
  • Low profile, adjustable cable mount hanging system
  • Consistent, predictable mounting locations simplify installation
  • Damp label available on most models


  • Damp Label
  • UL Listed 1598


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Plank is constructed of a heavy 20-gauge steel body with a 9-7/8" wide by 2" high profile in housing lengths of 4', 8', or 12' lengths. Fixtures are available with up to three T8, T5, or T5 HO lamps in cross section. An optional perforated pattern on either side of the shielding may be ordered (see ordering guide below). Modular mounting points maintain convenient, predictable locations. The exact shape of the housing is maintained by the use of a patented inner die cast plate at each fixture end (patent 6,796,676 B2) throughout the run to prevent snaking. The housing is designed to wrap around the plate and secures on top with concealed screws to ensure housing tolerances are consistent.
Housing and all painted parts are treated with a multi-stage phosphate prior to finish. Parts are then finished with a white powder coat for maximum consistent coverage and longevity. Other colors may be specified.
Plank includes both direct and indirect lighting elements. Shielding for the direct element may be selected as a white cross baffle (WCB), regressed perforated panel (RPF), flat perforated panel (FPF), opal acrylic (OA), or acrylic pattern 12 (A12). For a dramatic touch, colored lensing material may be selected as an overlay; contact factory.
Plank is designed for ceiling suspension with an aircraft cable mechanism. To maintain consistent, predictable mounting points, fixtures use an aircraft cable yoke mounting mechanism from two points at each hanging location. An adjustable aircraft cable of varying lengths is supplied. The end of the cable barrel screws into a standard 1/4 20 bolt brought down from the ceiling. Cover plates are provided to shield the ceiling cutout. A straight (standard) or optional coiled cord is available for feed locations as is a feed canopy. All fixtures are suspended in modular increments and must be supported at each fixture housing end.
Labels and Electrical
All fixtures bear appropriate UL labels. Fixtures are prewired with small case or micro-can electronic T8, T5, or T5HO ballasts in 120 or 277 volt. Some dual voltage 120/277 options exist. All fixtures are wired standard for single circuit operation. Additional circuits can be supplied as an option.

Cross Sections

  • 1 Lamp T8
  • 2 Lamps T8
  • 3 Lamps T8
  • 1 Lamp T5/T5HO
  • 2 Lamps T5/T5HO
  • 3 Lamps T5/T5HO

Bottom View

  • Solid Housing
  • Perforated Strip Housing


  • Fixture Connections
  • Suspension Attachment



  • 1 Lamp
  • 2 Lamps
  • 3 Lamps


  • Solid
  • Horizontal Slot
  • Perforated Strip
  • Vertical Slot


  • White Cross Baffle
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Acrylic Pattern 12 Prismatic Lens
  • Regressed Perforated
  • Flat Perforated
  • Low Iri. Semi-Specular Louver


  • MW - Matte White
  • ZT - Zet Metallic Silver



  • Cable Mount


  • 18"
  • 24"
  • 36"
  • 48"

Fixture Length

  • Available with single or row configuration in 4', 8', and 12' lengths.